Rowan Lamb



Born on Christmas Day 1907, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Rowan started life as a singer. He soon gained great popularity under his stage moniker, and was well renowned for his unique timing and breath control. He was called the 'King of Swing' and 'Golden Throated Warbler', and was riding high on a wave of good times and barbiturates. All of Hollywood wanted to be him, yet weirdly, no one wanted to employ him.

Sadly, he soon found that incredible fame didn't guarantee wealth, and so at the age of forty-three he embarked on another career. This time, he was behind the lens.

Current Work

Unfortunately, photography has not treated Rowan as well as he treated photography, and he's currently taking photographs of call centres in the South-West of England.


Rowan hopes soon to be back on 'top of the heap' so that he's 'A number one'. Until then, he's just doing it 'his way'.